What We Do

The NEWAID Foundation provides research funding to public health students, encouraging their involvement with traditionally neglected infectious diseases in the developing world.


The NEWAID foundation application cycle is currently closed. Please check back to the website for announcements of future opportunities. Most of our grants have typically been offered with deadlines between Jan 15-Feb 15.

Despite claims made a half-century ago that the eradication of infectious diseases was imminent, the new millennium has arrived with an unabated prevalence of historic diseases as well as the rapid spread of new ones.

The NEWAID Foundation provides grants to public health scientists to conduct research abroad in areas of neglected infectious diseases. It is our hope that, through these grants, we can advance our understanding of the scientific basis of these diseases and the social factors which lead to their marginalization. Additionally, we believe that by providing fellows with firsthand opportunities for experience with these subjects that they will go on to careers focused on these issues in greater numbers.

Grants are provided to public health graduate students and early-career, American scientists so that we can expand our nation’s core of researchers devoted to findings interventions for many of the most damaging health problems of the world.

The NEWAID Foundation’s mission statement is as follows:

  • Expand our understanding of the social forces which contribute to the marginalization of specific populations
  • Expand our nation’s corp of researchers devoted to finding therapies and interventions for these diseases
  • Expand our nation’s awareness of the problems of infectious diseases beyond HIV in developing countries

This website contains the application for funding for the 2012-2013 cycle, as well as instructions and eligibility guidelines.